Permanent Makeup 


When you apply eyeliner every morning, it’s not only time consuming but it's almost impossible to avoid pulling and stretching the skin on your eyelid. 


Using a pencil or even a small brush will create friction as you apply the eyeliner, and this alone causes the skin to stretch. 


As we age, our eye lid skin becomes the thinnest skin on our bodies. The elastin we once had is less & less and our skin appears crepey. This makes it difficult to apply our daily eyeliner without smudging or uneven.


What the solution? Eyeliner by Julia can fix this problem & save you hours each week!


Julia has taken Advanced Corretion Classes to help our clients with a common problem- permanent makeup color, design, technique is NOT what the client wanted.

This happens due to poor training of the previous permanent makeup artist due to their training only being a few days as well as lack of experience.


It’s extremly common for eyebrows to be too thick, too high, wrong color, too long or just uneven.


Eyeliner tends to be way too thick and/or uneven.


As we age the original permanent makeup design may worsen due to aging, lifestyle changes, weight changes, hormones, excessive sunexposure or failure to maitain touch-ups.  


Julia specializes in correcting the shape and color for all forms of Permanent Makeup & Cosmetic Tattooing.

Permanent cosmetics - also known as microblading, microstroking, 3D permanent brows and dermal cosmetics - are all forms of cosmetic tattooing. 


The permanent cosmetic application uses tiny needles and various techniques and tools that implant pigments into the skin for a more defined shape.


During the microblading process Julia uses a manual method of implanting pigment in hair-like strokes in the epidermis to create the look of fuller brows. By utilizing the manual method and hand-held blade, she is able to achieve natural-looking results.


Lindsay Wrote:

I love my brows!!! You are such a master at your craft & I 'm so thankful

I found you and 

The Beauty Bar on Instagram

Andrea Wrote:

Why didn't I do this 5 years ago?

I  walked  out the best

version of ME before the  waxing + tweezers

got the best of my eyebrows.

I was a lady amongst friends-

What an enjoyable experience

Amanda Wrote:

Giving me back my confidence allows me  to know I can do Anything


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